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RF - Transmitter Tubes Guitar - Audio Tubes Industrial Applications

We supply Transmitter Tubes
for AM-FM-TV Transmitters. From 250 watts
to100,000 watt.
We supply:
New Transmtter Tubes, Rebult Transmitter
Glass Transmitter Tubes, Hi-Voltage
Tube Sockets

We also supply:
Electronic Parts such as Wire, Connectors, Microphones, Racks, Rack Hardware for the repair and construction of Recording Studios , Live Recording , Post and Pre Production , Radio & TV Broadcast Studios.

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Broadcast Tube Home Page
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RF Power Tubes
Rebuilt Transmitter Tubes
New Transmitter Tubes
Broadcast - Military - Ham Radio

Audio Video Connectors
3 Pin XLR Connectors
Plugs - Jacks - BNC
Audio & Video Patching

19" Rack Products
Shelfs - Drawers
Blank Panels
Punched Rack Panels

Commercial Sound
Wire & Cable

We supply Audio Electron Tubes
We buy Factory Direct. We are not a Third party reseller. Since the 1940's
we have supplied Vacuum Tubes from our Los Angeles warehouse.
We sell to:
Amp Repair Tech's, Resellers, Musicians, Amp Manufactures, Audiophiles and Guitar Amp Hobbiest worldwide.

In House Test Lab
We do all our
Matching, Testing
and Quality Control.

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Audio Tube Home Page
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Audio Electron Tubes
Guitar Amplifier Electron Tubes
Stereo Amplifier Electron Tubes
Organ Amplifier Electron Tubes
Tubes from Russia, Europe, USA, China

Tube Amplifier Parts
Tube Sockets - Electrolytic Capacitors
Polyproplyene Capactors - Transformers
Foot Pedal Kits - Fuses - Transistors
Jacks and Plugs - Knobs

Guitar / PA Speakers
Celestion Speakers
Retro Speaker Co

Capacitors - Electrolytic
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
Dual Section Can - Aluminum Electrolytic
Single Section Can - Aluminum Electrolytic
Axial Aluminum Electrolytic
Hi Voltage (500VDC) Aluminum Electrolytic

We stock Special Purpose Tubes for commercial and military appliactions. We can supply OEM Manufactures, Maintance and Repair companies and End Users that need Vacuum Tubes to manufacture their
end product.
Industrial & Aircraft Tubes
are used in Aircraft Radar and Avionics, Metal Heating, Xray Equipment, Medical Therapy, Plastics
, Satellite
, Welding, Sputtering, Plastic Packaging, Scientific, Military and Defense sectors.

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Industrial - Aircraft Tube Home Page click on this link or the links below.

Magnetron Tubes
Military Radar , Commercial Radars
Medical Applications
Industrial Microwave

Aircraft / Navigation
Military - General Aviation
Airline - Commuters

RF Industrial Tubes
RF Plastics Industry , RF Welders
Metal Industry, Test and Inspection (Linac's)
Scientific , Semiconductor Industry
Radio Frequency Heating, Dielectric Heating
Induction Heating, Glue Dryers

Cathode Ray Tubes(CRT's)
Medical , Aircraft , Military

Klystron Tubes
Cancer Therapy
TV Transmitters

Thyratron Tubes
Radar , Medical , Power Supplies
Scientific , Hi-Voltage Switching

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